Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bookshelf, day two

I really had no idea how many books I had. Since I moved here, my books have been scattered in different rooms, or most recently have been in boxes in the garage. I haven't seen them all in the same place since 2003. These are the books I -want- displayed, there's more I don't want sitting in the living room.

The sections helped. One for architecture, three for Didion, Noon, Julia Alvarez, Tom Robbins, David Foster Wallace, and more non-fiction. Then a section for art books and Disney theme parks (including my 'Disneyland' book from 1982.

The next cube is shared cars & graphic design, then gardening. The rest... Get hidden behind the sofa and that's where my organization breaks down.

A total of 9 boxes cleared from the garage and I found my old photographs, lost since I moved here.

The living room has a sense of life In it now that it never had.

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