Sunday, March 15, 2009

2 Chairs

Purists will hate me for this post, but I need a chair, on a pedestal, that is comfortable (I'm known for choosing uncomfortable seating) It has to be more comfortable than my sofa, which is really not comfortable at all, unless you are laying flat down on it.

EQ3 has this, the Commander Chair in Carrot, what I think of as a Jacobsen Egg Chair inspired, but not a total rip off:

But then again there are completely fake Eames Lounges out there that don't look half bad:
I checked out the EQ3 offering today. Not very comfortable, but it doesn't look too bad. I'd expect the fake Eames Lounge to be 10x more comfortable, but the real question, do I get the fake chair that isn't trying to be a fake chair, or the fake chair that is marketing under the keyword Eames Lounge and incur the wrath of those who want to discourage furnituremakers from ripping off designs that are under copyright?

Anyone out there with moral, ethical or comfort position? Does anyone own the EQ3 Commander chair and want to let us know about living with it? Please comment!

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  1. Hey,
    I had the Commander in grey. I should have just kept it and left it alone. But I acquired more expensive tastes, sold it, and bought a Restoration hardware Churchill chair for quite a lot of money. I was going through a "heritage Phase". Then I started thinking, this chair isn't as comfortable as it cost. So I sold it, at quite a loss, to some Redneck with a pickup. Now I'm also back to looking for something comfortable and feasible. im even looking at IKEA and CB2, etc.

    What I remember about the Commander is that it was a bit upright. its not a recliner, or a lounge chair. but, it will do the job just fine. I thin kits discontinued, but if you can find one for around 4-$500 Id go for it.

    As for the Eames reproductions: All Eames chairs are reproductions. The $4000 ones at Design within reach, the $900 ones online, and the 3300 ones from the warehouses up in Sacramento and god-knows where. They are all reproductions; The only authentic Eames chairs are in peoples homes, occasionally listed on Craigslist, but only in the most hideous colors imaginable, or in museums. They really don't seem to hold up well. So to me, going for an affordable reproduction Eames is fine. Its very "otaku" to do.

    In the end its just whats comfortable. The Eames knockoffs are more comfortable by far than the Commander, but you have to pay twice as much. Is it twice as comfortable? Yes. Is it twice as beautiful? At least.

    Anyway, that's my input. Just be sure that if you do buy a reproduction that you have some kind of warranty, because often the cushions will not be separate from the "bentwood" frame - they will be connected, assembled as one unit to save money - and I do not know how that holds up over time. In general they seem fine.

    Do let me know what you find and decide on, regardless of how old this post is.