Friday, March 20, 2009

AMC Week: 10 cars WAY uglier than a Pacer

The poor AMC Pacer finds itself at or near the top of more ugly car lists than a Corvair, but it didn't take me long at all to build a list of 10 uglier cars. I give you the internet's first Pacer and Corvair-free list of 10 WAY uglier cars:

10. Nissan Murano

I have some shoes that look just like this.

9. Mercedes R Class

Left out in the sun too long.

8. 2005ish Chevy Monte Carlo

My friend Ariel reminded me about Monte Carlo's thyroidal trunk and wavy plastic bumpers. This shot makes it look too cool and abstract.

7. LTD II based Ford Ranchero

HUGE! Half Ford LTD II half Ford F150, this monolith is popular among collectors, and hardly anyone else.

6. Chevy Aveo

This screams unfortunate rental.

5. Pontiac Le Mans

It looks just like a little Pontiac Aztec! Le Mans did have one thing going for it - heritage as a variant of the Opel Kadette / Chevy Chevette / Isuzi Gemini.

4. Zimmer Golden Spirit

Lurking deep inside is a late 70's mustang. You see it around the middle, peeking out from the unchanged doors, door glass, and windshield. Hideous.

3. Pontiac Transsport / Chevy Lumina

I have a little one of these on a handle I use to clean messy crumbs.

2. Pontiac Aztec

It looks just like a bloated Le Mans!

1. Toyota Solara

This takes top honors in part because it's most often driven by unattractive people made highly visible by their convertible. It's almost a performance art piece - watch as they drive oblivious to how disturbing they are in their ugly vehicle. This is the best angle, and it's still 100% ugly.

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