Saturday, March 21, 2009

AMC Week: 1971 Export Brochure

AMC Week is not over yet, just AMC a momentary interruption for a bit of vintage modern shopping. We're back to the original program with a look at the 1971 Hornet Export brochure cover. Just part of the excellent brand system of modern Helvetica in black against white. How clean can you get! I realized today my fondness for AMC could stem from the proximity of the local dealership to my childhood home. Literally down at the end of the street. I must have salivated over the straightforward design of the dealership at 7 years old!

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  1. My local AMC dealer sponsored an AMX drag car named 'Texas X', in sparkling gold letters, applied to the white area of the doors. Like many SS/AMXs at the time, it was painted red, white and blue. I remember hearing them tune their race car, revving up the engine; the man made thunder could be heard a mile away! (awesome!) I used to sit in all the new AMCs in the back lot. The base model Gremlins were a new car olfactory sensation for the plastic reek smell of their glistening molded vinyl flooring!