Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AMC Week: Concept Cars

Illustration: Steve Stanford
April 2008, Hot Rod magazine published an article about AMC's return to the market with a full like of compelling retro-styled cars, which of course was later revealed as a perfect April Fool's joke. Article | Gallery

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  1. Too bad this never came to be. I'm in my 40s now and I remember the AMC line up. Had a few of them over the years. I would buy this car for the right price. I beg some one to bring this iconic car company back to life. It seems now a days the big three have tried their hand at bringing back the past,the last gen Camaro is awesome as is the last gen Challenger. I've almost finished my 79 camaro. I'm on the fence, camaro to park next to my sec gen. or that sassy green Challenger. If this Gremlin was out there she would be there in the top three choices as well. I love this illustration, would like to see more.