Sunday, March 29, 2009

eParties: Website design from 1999

reduced in size

eParties was an online party event manager and a competitor to eVite. I began work on the site design in August of 1999 - it was eCompanies first incubated company, code named New Orleans, and as the site developed we were all learning about what it would be like to work under the eCompanies umbrella.

Centered around novel online party invitations viewed in a fun, templated invitation viewer, eParties provided provided the party host with beautifully designed themes and a simple user interface to invite guests.

Party hosts could keep track of their invitees and provide RSVP status and comments from their guests and party supplies could be purchased from an online store. The first incubated company to graduate, eParties was purchased by eToys.

It wasn't until my friend Joss Rodgers drew the comparison between the confetti of eParties and of the 1984 Olympics, that I realized where the confetti drew it's inspiration.

Deborah Sussman's Olympics color palette presentation impressed me with the idea that even something as pedestrian as a color board could be a beautiful visual when presented; incorporating this idea into my work became a goal, and is reflected in the eParties brand exploration, which was used to convey that the eParties brand could be extended into multiple product lines by varying color and pattern.

Seeing these today even at full size on Flickr they seem tiny, but at that time CRT sizes were small and laptops smaller. Safe window widths were under 600 pixels.

Also on Ginormus: See the eParties Invitations.

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