Monday, March 30, 2009

6230 Update

It has been a while since I took some pictures of 6230, but this weekend there was a little time to take some shots of recent changes to the living area and the exterior from the front.

I can't believe how quickly the trees are growing - they were literally sticks last year, and this year they are starting to get really dense. They still don't offer a lot of privacy for the bank of windows behind them, but that's partially the plan - I love looking out, but I just want to give the casual passerby something to look at besides me tooling around inside.

The big missing piece as of now is a dining table and chairs. I'm planning on a small round table near where the little orange-covered chair is, with a pendant hanging from the ceiling above.

The projector really needs to go up on the ceiling now, because I'm starting to not even notice the skewed angles but guests sure do! Don't want to get complacent about this, but getting this done is tied to some electrical work that needs to happen, which in turn is tied to something else.

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