Monday, March 9, 2009

Jason Thompson a decade ago.

Jason Thompson

Everybody In Vests

Everybody In Leather

Everybody in Cords

I always focused on one person in these gap ads from fall 1999. It turns out he has a name - Jason Thompson - and has been in the General Hospital cast for some time.

I stumbled on an article from the Times in 1999 with opinions from readers on the new campaign. Some quotes:
"I am not going to buy a vest or a pair of cords from the Gap just because they tell me everyone should be in them."
"Think of them as a type of brainwashing."
"It seems that everyone I talk to has no idea what they mean but loves them."
Before 1999 we were offended by hypnotic attempts to get under our skin, and ads had to have a meaning. Today all advertising feels like these spots did. The iMac and iPod ads, those great Target spots - so much of today's advertising owe it's origin to these spots.

Oh, and here he is now...

Everybody in stethoscopes

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