Monday, March 30, 2009

Captain & Tennille - Love Will Keep Us Together

  • Requires Toni Tennille's trademark bob.
  • Features one lucite bar stool.
  • Has Toni sitting...
  • ...playing a white piano.
  • Is not a sped up version of the song (a lip sync is acceptable.)
This is not a perfect performance, but four out of five isn't bad.

Not to disrespect Toni's obvious talents, but for a lipsync, her primary job was to exude incredible, nearly insane levels of happiness, which she did perfectly here.

Update: This was the runner up, and I'm sure some would say it's a superior performance. They're actually performing, but her exuberance isn't at the level of the other clip (you've got to give her credit though, she's got both her hands full.) Nice set, but no lucite stool.


  1. Not to mention...a keychange!

    Where is the Captain today? what a hottie

  2. They were married in 1975 after Love Will Keep Us Together was released. 34 years later, the song's preciction holds true. Here's their official site

    I remember at the time that they kept their private life mysterious. You didn't know if they were married, and I don't think their wedding was promoted in conjunction with the song. Today, it would have spawned a 2 season reality series!

  3. "Smoky and I are also in training to pass the Delta Society Hospital Therapy Dog test in late January. Once we are certified, he and I will become part of the therapy dog volunteer teams who visit patients and their families once a week at our local hospital."

    I love her blog!