Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Progressive Builder's Homes, Burbank, Ca.

Progressive Builder's
Small home sketch, Richard Neutra, 1942

Backside of several Progressive Builder's Homes
"The coming of war temporarily halted private commissions, but heightened the need for war workers housing. Neutra was given the job of designing a whole block of Progressive Builder's Homes, erected in 1942 as part of a larger project for defense workers at the nearby Lockheed aircraft factory in Burbank. Modest versions of the crisp, pitched-roof format Neutra had begun to explore two years earlier, the fourteen completed Federal Housing Adminstration sponsored, detatched dwellings featured bedrooms across the front with the living room running front to rear and opening integrally onto fetching garden patios."
Blueprints for Modern Living: History And Legacy of the Case Study Houses, Elizabeth A. T. Smith
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This set isn't as up to date as I'd like, I really need to set up for a weekend and take some nice current pictures.

What are they like now? on Flickr
Photoset of some of the other Neutra-designed homes on the street, photos taken in 2007.

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