Thursday, April 2, 2009

Contemporary Hotel Menu, 1970's

Hello Room Service? Yeah, hi, this is Gino De Young in room 4421. It's been a long day at the park, and I'd like to order dinner. We'll start with...
- 2 shrimp cocktails
- 2 of the filets, medium rare
- a bay lake cheese tray with brie
- The hospitality package, with Dewars and Fitzgerald's Bourbon
- a chocolate rum moose and a southern pecan pie
Can you tell me the room service charge? $36.20? OK, great, I think that should be it. About how long? Half hour? Perfect.

This handsome menu from the late (?) seventies was placed in Contemporary Resort rooms at Walt Disney World. I love the abstraction of the North and South facade of the hotel turned into a pleasing pattern.

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