Thursday, April 16, 2009


Go ahead, hit that retry button all you want, this website isn't going to come back from "regularly scheduled maintenance" anytime soon.

I worked for Gottschalks in 1984-1985. Even then G was way past it's prime. Montgomery Wards-level retail trying hard to be Macy's.

Inside, the stores were uglier than a Mervyn's, less compelling than a shopping trip to JC Pennys, and more depressing than those sad local stores on the underground level of the Burbank Town Center. (Elements of Earth? Flamingo Ties? K Stylo? the likely-to-be-misheard Pishon Shoes? Any of these enough to draw you into the Bowels of the Burbank Town Center? Yeah, I thought so. Thats how bad Gottschalks was.)

But it was good to a longtime friend who managed there for many years, and an extended group of acquaintances and ex store managers who come up in conversation from time to time. Glad to see Yuko, Mr. B, Cindy and others were out before it got bad.

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