Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sony Pictures site design - 1999

SPE was the original name for the Sony Pictures site. Sony wanted pages on SPE focused on teens, soap opera, action and comedy fans and kids in order to support new portals for these markets, as well as to give the entire site a visual makeover.

The color system was expressed in textural patterns, content headers and small details such as links, providing each sub-brand with a unique look on the same template. These existed together on the home page and needed to be compatable. The SPE brand was enhanced in with a romantic hollywood feeling and integrated with the new golden navigation scheme. Multiple opportunities to highlight movies and television shows and their related merchandise were created.

On each sub-brand page, space was provided for Sony to highlight content from the new portals - here shown as Unitic for teens, and the Laugh Hole for comedy.

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