Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mesa Verde Times

Nothing is cooler than this, ever. The guys at Mesa Verde Times, who have been entertaining us with amazing still pictures of EPCOT's Horizons attraction, have now posted videos of their "runs" inside the ride. Part amazing Horizons archival footage, part thrilling chase through the forbidden territory of Disney backstage - I can't stop watching.

Horizons final ride was in 1999. I think of it as the single most incredible thing the Walt Disney Company ever created.

Expedit improved

Not all IKEA bookshelves are built to carry books. Some should only have vaguely decorative items from IKEA's marketplace placed on them.

In February, I realized that the tall and skinny Expedit could be laid on it's side to provide an inexpensive solution to the built-ins I wanted for the living room. But I've watched my Expedit shelves sag, and I was sure one day it would finally collapse in on itself.

To be fair to IKEA, they do indicate a maximum weight per shelf of 29 pounds. How does that work out for the horizontal use? As I was building them, I kept telling myself it was an experiment!

But the sagging became quite visible:




The casters sold next to Expedit aren't a good choice either. The long panels that form the shelf and top are made of paper honeycomb encased in laminate. So two of these screws are really just holding on to laminate. Only the short upright pieces have solid areas in good locations.


Oh, did I mention the bookshelves are on wheels? It seemed smart to be able to move them around with the books in place, as this house is continually under some new project.

My plan involved securing a sheet of birch plywood as a base for each cabinet, which would give me more substance to screw the casters into, support the books and distribute their weight, and allow an additional two casters to be attached in the center, where Expedit is basically hollow.


I unloaded the books carefully so I wouldn't have to organize them again!


The casters came off.


Laying the birch sheet down, and planning for the casters.


Securing the sheet to Expedit, down on the two ends where there are solid areas.


Clean up! What is my deal that I need to do these projects inside the house, on the carpet, with no protective anything laid out to keep things clean? Risky behavior!



The plywood supports the end panels much better than before, and somehow, the whole thing seems more upright and rigid.


A tiny gain in height, the original one is to the left.

Align Center
On to #2!

Kitchen detail

The birch plywood / white cabinet reflects what I designed for the kitchen on the other side of the room, using IKEA cabinets and custom plywood detailing with exposed edges.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Favorite EPCOT Center renderings

In my youth, I was captivated by the two EPCOT Center renderings below - they still have an amazing hold on me after all these years.

epcot entrance


Here are a few related shots from my Original EPCOT set on Flickr. In September of 2008 I spent hours at EPCOT in futureworld taking pictures of areas that reminded me of how EPCOT looked in the early years, before change set in. Sometimes it was really difficult to stage a shot and eliminate or minimize the appearance of newer "influences," but I'm happy with what I did.

Spaceship Earth

Futureworld Fountain


Monorail Orange

What i've been up to

So things have been slow here at Ginormus, but I wanted to show that it wasn't just me slacking off. A few months ago, I started a packaging design class taught by a friend of mine from my CalArts days - I was feeling like I needed a challenge outside of the projects I do at work, and I've always liked packaging.

While the class was taking place, most of my attention (after work and my house) went to designing the three projects; a DVD box set, a food item using a constructed paper box, and a liquid contained in glass. Here are the results...






Saturday, July 4, 2009

Green Porno

I understand these have been out for a while, but I sort of just discovered them so I think there might be others who don't get Sundance Channel.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Unsafe at any speed.



corvair 1964

Three sixties Corvair owner's guides, the insides are pretty nondescript and offer no surprises for the Corvair driver, but I think the covers have a nice look to them, particularly 1961. Oh, and apparently the apostrophe wasn't discovered until 1965.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Wolf Loves Pork

Sorry for not having a lot of posts recently, getting back on track here :-)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Romeo Void - Girl in Trouble (it's a temporary thing)


Go ahead, hit that retry button all you want, this website isn't going to come back from "regularly scheduled maintenance" anytime soon.

I worked for Gottschalks in 1984-1985. Even then G was way past it's prime. Montgomery Wards-level retail trying hard to be Macy's.

Inside, the stores were uglier than a Mervyn's, less compelling than a shopping trip to JC Pennys, and more depressing than those sad local stores on the underground level of the Burbank Town Center. (Elements of Earth? Flamingo Ties? K Stylo? the likely-to-be-misheard Pishon Shoes? Any of these enough to draw you into the Bowels of the Burbank Town Center? Yeah, I thought so. Thats how bad Gottschalks was.)

But it was good to a longtime friend who managed there for many years, and an extended group of acquaintances and ex store managers who come up in conversation from time to time. Glad to see Yuko, Mr. B, Cindy and others were out before it got bad.