Saturday, March 7, 2009

Morgan Spurlock


Esthero live on Jimmy Kimmel, July 2005 (what luck! Jeremy Piven & Morgan Spurlock were there too.)

Corbin Sparrow

The Corbin Sparrow was an electric vehicle manufactured in Hollister. It's now available from Myers Motors in a myriad of colors.

Scott Caan

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mesa Verde Times

It's only been four days, but Hoot Gibson over at Mesa Verde Times is continually providing great memories and fun irreverent commentary on one of the best rides to ever exist at a Disney theme park. I believed in the EPCOT future - it's nice to revisit it.

Henry Rollins on KCRW

Henry Rollins has a new show on KRCW, starting March 7 Saturday night 6-8pm.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Islands of the Bahamas

I love the Islands of the Bahamas identity system. Its just so pretty. Makes me want to visit the Bahamas. By Duffy & Partners, who also does the Fresca packaging I seem to frequently hold in my hand.

New Drapes

Despite my plans for lots of other things this weekend, I got caught up in more living room work instead... probably a good thing. But I gotta ask, how do people do these things and not have to redo them 15 times? This is a drape hanging system from Ikea I've always liked. It seems like it should work great, but where the different sections are seamed together, the hanging elements stick as you draw the drapes. I'm sure I'll file it down or something, and find a new more secure way to hang the drapes. But it's good for now.

Thats my girl Carla Hall from Top Chef on the projector, which will make it onto the ceiling one of these days.