Saturday, March 14, 2009

Esthero @ The Roxy, 2007

I was there!
  • If the Mood
  • Country Livin'
  • Swallow Me
  • Breath From Another
There are five more songs on the playlist that wouldn't embed; view them at YouTube:
  • Superheros
  • That Girl
  • My Torture
  • Patiently
  • How Do I Get You Alone

Adele & Alicia Keys

Friday, March 13, 2009


Laurie Anderson

Moving Architecture

Robert Venturi's Leib house is on the web this morning as it's moved from the original location in Barnegat Light New Jersey to Glen Cove New York, where it will play guest cottage to Robert Gotkin and Deborah Sarnoff's existing Venturi designed home.

I was reminded of the shots I took of Neutra's Maxwell house last august, after the first section had arrived in Angelino Heights. Since the Maxwell house in some way prototyped some of the ideas used in my house, it was like looking at my house in cross section. I'm always surprised to see how thin the surfaces we look at are - the plaster, the glass, the walls, when I see these photos.

The Maxwell residence was a commission, and much larger than my "modernist tract" home but utilized the same unusual (for Neutra) peaked roof, redwood exterior, ribbon windows and offset, cut out porches and patios. For comparison, a little bit of my house, mid-restoration:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Porto Europa, Wakayama Marina City

Today, I found a long-lost friend and coworker, and to commemorate the friendship and overall good feeling I'm having tonight, we'll be looking at my project for MCA / Universal Studios called Porto Europa.

Porto Europa, originally uploaded by The Loulogue.

Porto Europa began as a four and one-half acre themed entertainment center in Wakayama, Japan. It opened in 1994 among the first offerings on a landfill island built by Masushita (Panasonic) to provide the former fishing village region with a future as a resort destination.

I joined the team in 1992, after a short period where I was consulting for Planning & Development on Universal's Islands of Adventure. My role began as Graphic Design Coordinator and evolved into a manager position, and along the way Universal offered enough flexibility in my role that I was able to codevelop the park mascots, guide their use in a ton of character merchandise, develop an identity system with an icon of design, mentor and friend, Primo Angeli, and consult on the theme and finishes for the retail, restaurant and area development portions of the park, as well as provide the park name, Porto Europa.

Hundreds of signs were designed by a team consisting of the parks thematic art directors, myself, and our design resource, Wayne Hunt design. My friend from Imagineering, Bob Loza, worked on the design intent drawings at Hunt's office. The entire package of signage was built in Osaka and Tokyo by Tanseisha Co. with my fabrication oversight and installed or painted over a six-month period as the park neared completion.

I worked on the Porto Europa mascot characters with ex-Imagineer Steve Feicht, a friendly diver character and his ocean-dwelling friends. The characters were a hit whenever they walked though the park, and they also were the subject of a short film shown at the park.

At opening, Porto Europa shared space on the island with an exposition, a fish market and food court, and a short-lived Samoan village. The attractions included Seafari (pink tab), the Hurricane water ride (yellow tab), the Viking Adventure (blue tab), retail, restaurants and a state-of-the-art (for 1992!) virtual reality game (green), and a nightclub district accessible from outside the park (orange)

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Since my last visit, the expo area has been built out to an unthemed spinning and ironrides area, a resort hotel, condo towers and more. Reviews of Porto Europa mainly focus on the stark thematic separation between the original portion and the ironrides area, and suggest the original park can be enjoyed in less than a few hours.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Chris Jacobs

Stacey Q

In this final selection, I'm not sure if this is Stacey Q herself, or a drunk knowledge worker out on the town with her staff:

OK I'm on a video kick right now, and video kicks inevitably lead to Stacey Q.

Jason Thompson a decade ago.

Jason Thompson

Everybody In Vests

Everybody In Leather

Everybody in Cords

I always focused on one person in these gap ads from fall 1999. It turns out he has a name - Jason Thompson - and has been in the General Hospital cast for some time.

I stumbled on an article from the Times in 1999 with opinions from readers on the new campaign. Some quotes:
"I am not going to buy a vest or a pair of cords from the Gap just because they tell me everyone should be in them."
"Think of them as a type of brainwashing."
"It seems that everyone I talk to has no idea what they mean but loves them."
Before 1999 we were offended by hypnotic attempts to get under our skin, and ads had to have a meaning. Today all advertising feels like these spots did. The iMac and iPod ads, those great Target spots - so much of today's advertising owe it's origin to these spots.

Oh, and here he is now...

Everybody in stethoscopes

1-800-DENTIST - outtakes



Oral Salvation
Fun outtakes. The series of commercials with Fred from 1-800-DENTIST are the best ever produced. The campaigns before were always a little stilted and odd, but this set seems to find a groove.

Goldfrapp - Pilots

My favorite Goldfrapp video.